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Who should win the NFL MVP race?
MarkAnswered by: Mark, An Expert in the Football - General Category

The 2012 edition of the NFL MVP race is as close as any we've seen in some time. While NFL fans eagerly await Sunday's big game in the Big Easy, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning...

Does NFL Draft Season Ever End?
J.R.Answered by: J.R., An Expert in the NFL Draft Category

Every August, upon the dawn of NFL training camps, football fans are filled with optimism about their respective teams. If you consider that all but one NFL team is hoping for bett...

Why so many flags in football?
MatthewAnswered by: Matthew, An Expert in the Follow the Games Category

Are there too many flags in football? You bet there are! Some may be heard saying that there aren't enough flags in football, especially when it refers to a play that didn't have a...